Envisage Global

It is said that to travel is to take a journey into oneself. This is the basis of Envisage Global’s International Immersion Programs which are a perfect blend of education, exposure to industry and enjoyment, and serve as a window to experiential learning. We have turned the conventional definition of learning on its head by moving education outside the classroom. We believe that the entire world’s a classroom, rich with opportunities for students to sub-consciously strengthen their subject knowledge. Our international programs focused on learning are preferred to typical foreign tours thanks to the tremendous education value they offer.

Our week-to-month-long global programs currently incorporate visits to prominent industries in Singapore, Germany, UK and China, including Porsche Stuttgart (Germany) and Volkswagen Auto (China). For partners, we have prestigious universities in UK, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Spain, including London’s Cambridge University and the National University of Singapore. We are regularly adding diverse industries and varied institutions to this list to enhance the level of learning. Going ahead, we plan to extend our programs to many more countries making them globalised in the truest sense.