Educesta has its origin in the renowned Stock Market Institute (SMI), the go-to place for stock market enthusiasts and career aspirants. SMI was established in 2011, and within a short span of time, firmly entrenched itself in the financial market training space, building tremendous credibility.

With time, the SMI management discovered that financial market training was only the tip of the iceberg, and that there was plenty of untapped demand for training in areas as diverse as management and personality development. They decided to leverage the goodwill garnered over the years, and daringly stepped beyond the stock market training niche, delving into other subjects in the professional spectrum.

Thus the new entity Educesta was born, ‘Cesta’ being ‘basket’in Spanish. So what we offer today is an ‘education basket’ where students and professionals can train in any area of their choice. Our training team is handpicked from the best of the academic and the professional world, helping us impart holistic training: real-world schooling backed by sound theoretical concepts.

Our courses, programs and platforms are helping thousands of students and professionals follow their interests and find their true calling. We are gradually expanding our education initiative from select cities to the pan-Indian market. In this era of globalization, the next logical step will be stepping onto foreign shores and in due course, creating a distinct global footprint in the education space.