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Our Philosophy

Educesta’s core purpose is to enhance career satisfaction through practical education and industry exposure. Our core values guide us in achieving this purpose. We believe change first happens in the mind and therefore believe in empowering thought

Our Mission

India faces a critical problem today: an acute shortage of skilled workforce. Our mission is to skill individuals on a comprehensive scale thereby boosting graduate employability. We aim to be a leader in the skilling space by offering practical, industry-requisite

Our Business

We plan to establish centers in metropolitan cities across India and abroad and offer unique international-standard programs in collaboration with governments, universities, colleges, reputed industrial bodies and corporates.








Stock market education

Educesta is a pioneer in financial market training, providing professionally-oriented courses that educate market enthusiasts ranging from students to retired personnel. Participants learn about the workings of the stock market, commodities market, and currency market and are introduced to various financial instruments such as mutual funds and insurance.

International courses

Educesta’s International Immersion Programs encompass travel, industry exposure and experiential learning, taking education to a whole new level. Students get to visit prominent industries, experience diverse work cultures and witness technological advancements. They also get an opportunity to step into the precincts of prestigious universities across the globe.

Educational board games

Educesta strongly believes in the concept of gamification of education that makes learning fun. Our gaming format engages, entertains, even as it educates people across age groups. Currently, our financial education board game provides lessons in basic financial math and practical stock market training.

Value added programs

Our value-added programs are designed to supplement academic education by providing in-depth practical knowledge to students in domains ranging from Financial Markets to Management to Personality Development.

Skilled development courses

Learning is imbibed best at a young age. Educesta has therefore designed programs that introduce various hard and soft skills to school children in a stress-free environment. The skills acquired serve as the foundation for their future life and career.

Career enhancement courses

Our career-oriented programs guide students on career choices as well as help them garner the skills required in their chosen line of work. These courses offer lessons on industry practice that are delivered by professional experts.


My knowledge about the taxation in India was very limited. I’m one of the many who would wake up to the concept of taxes in January & then face the nuance of running behind exemption. This session was highly apt for me as the facilitator took all of us through the basics. Her presentation was

Reva George Reynolds

Dept. of Social Sciences, Christ Junior College

“We invest little & get more in stock markets, I think Instead of spending money on luxurious products we should invest in stock markets & earn more than what we spend, I thank Addzup Group for giving us the plethora of knowledge by conducting Value Added Program on Stock Markets”


East West College of Management

“Faculty Development Program titled ‘Taxation for Salaried Individuals’ was excellent and gave information and idea to plan from the beginning of the year, to reduce tax burden. Interaction with the resource person and activity conducted were good”

Ms. Radha. C

Commerce Dept, Christ Junior College- Evening

“Faculty Development Program- Session was so informative, we got very clear information on 80c, The Discussion/Interactions were very much applicable in our day to day life”

Santosh Kumar A

Dept. of Electronics, Christ Junior College

It is a source of inspiration after talking to the personals of Addzup group. We have engaged Addzup group to conduct Capital Markets Courses which is entirely an activated oriented program. The technical sessions and the resource people who have imparted the knowledge to the students is really amazing and they are highly potential &

Dr. R. Chandra Moorthy

Director, East West College of Management